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Dedicated to serving as a local resource in order to help you build something
Be Communal

The concept of coworking has been around for decades.  The word "Communal" is of latin origin and means of, by, or belonging to the people of a community; shared or participated in by the public. Come check out our community and vibe.

Get Business Support

Coworking is great, but having access to a team of business support experts is even better.  You will receive all of your business support in one place.  We have tapped our business resource experts to help you scale your business or idea to the next level.

Attend Training/Workshops

Committed  to moving your business forward, we believe in helping you create event experiences that are memorable and actionable.  Use Clout to grow your customer base, launch a product or business, train the next group of leaders or facilitate discussions of innovative social impact. 


Established in 2017 from a need and desire to support community business initiatives and growth opportunities, Clout Workspace is driven by its mission to ensure local businesses are sustainable and a direct reflection of the communities they serve.

Who we are

A passionate community of local business owners, freelancers and entrepreneurs located or doing business in Prince George's County, MD.

What we believe

We believe in the power of partnership as a solid foundation for leverage, influence, and inspiration.  We believe in economic empowerment and challenging communities to look within their own community first.  We believe every business deserves the ability to be creative, lean on each other for support and have a good vibe to work in.

What we give

We give you a sense of belonging, a cool vibe where you can conduct business, a place to impress clients, a community of business experts at your disposal and a refuge from the house and coffee shop.


We support your efforts to move the goal posts by assisting you in getting things done.  Whether your business is 9a-5p or 5p-9a, we are here to help you build something great; main hustlers and side-hustlers are welcomed.

Members are creating endeavors that empower their family, community, and legacy.


Clout Workspace is focused on supporting local small businesses, freelancers and entrepreneurs looking for business resources, partnerships, and supportive networks to create growing sustainable businesses. Being a part of the Clout Membership allows you to cultivate, collaborate and create work with purpose. 80% of entrepreneurs see exponential business results as a result of being a part of a shared work environment.


A place to be to create a community within a community. Clout Workspace is available to host meetings, workshops and small business events. As a local shared work environment, our mission is to serve our community by providing events where people can connect, learn, share, grow and pursue their passion.

Community Influencers

Business is based on relationships and influencers with the ability to create the paths and facilitate connections. Clout Workspace understands the importance of connecting with those around you. By tapping our Industry Partners you have access to innovative thinking, knowledge expertise and leveraged networks.

Pick your plan


Work The Day
Daily drop-in rate
8 hours of workspace access
 Monday - Sunday,  9am-6pm
WIFI & Coffee


Event Rental (4 Hours Per Month)


Standard  & Night Owl Member 
 4 days/mo
15/7 workspace access 
WIFI & Coffee
Virtual Office Address
Promo on website
2 hours/mo meeting room


Floating Membership
Floating Member
 10 days/mo
24/7 workspace access 
WIFI & Coffee
Virtual Office Address
Discounts on business support
2 Events/mo
Promo on website
4 hours/mo meeting room


Dedicated Membership
Dedicated Member
24/7 workspace access 
WIFI & Coffee
Virtual Office Address
Discounts on business support
3 Events/mo
Promo on website
8 hours/mo meeting room
Member benefits.

Membership has its privileges.  As a member, you deserve this and more.

Super Fast Equpiment

Each meeting room has equipment that includes a big screen monitor, whiteboard, projectors and HDMI ports for accessibility. Meeting room setup of coffee, water and snacks at no additional charge is available for members that call ahead. We also offer business class WIFI network for stability.

Event Rental Space

Clout Workspace is available for private rental after normal business hours and on weekends. Our plans range from $30-45 per/hour Monday – Friday from 6pm to 12am or Saturday and Sunday 9am – 12am with a 2 our minimum. Consider hosting your next business meeting, retreat, launch event, workshop, training or small business networking event. For more information call (301) 289-7447.

Meeting Room Space

Clout Workspace has 1 small fully equipped room (wifi video display, conference phone, whiteboard) which can hold 6 people max. 1 medium sized fully equipped meeting room (10-15 people) and a Training Room with whiteboard, WIFI projector, training tables and chairs to seat a max of 35 people.

Business Class Printing

Members have access to multi-functional printer and copier which include scanning and printing. For large volume print jobs we offer special pricing with one of our commercial printing partners. Every Clout Workspace member saves 20% off of print jobs and graphic design services.

Business Support

At Clout Workspace we believe in creating partnerships and leveraging our networks. Each Clout Member has exclusive discounts to business support. So whether you need marketing support, pricing support, proposal writing, staffing, accounting, legal or information technology support, we have you covered. We have a cadre of business partners vested to help you grow.

Member Perks

We have several member perks which include complimentary virtual address and mail services, discount virtual assistant services, workshop coordinator services, discounts with various retailers and local businesses, as well as discounts on local professional business organizations. We are more than workspace!

Visitors This Month
Monthly Cups of Coffee
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A Place To Belong, Get Stuff Done, and Build Something Great

We really appreciate and love the support from our members...
The workspace is so cute and the owner is so sweet. I'll be hosting an upcoming workshop there
Tikeisha Harris
Well appointed space in the county, excellent for getting things done. Friendly staff and excellent facilities. I love the idea of the community of supporters. A great space.
Diane Williams
Such a pleasant environment! The decor is lovely and the space is well laid out. The owner is friendly as well. I could get a lot of work done here.
Dionne Parker
Clout is an awesome workspace that is much needed in the county. The event I attended was wonderful and a great collaboration.
Adrienne ARiginals
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our space for a private event, we’re always happy to chat.
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